Fulfill your creative ambitions, be a full-time artist and work from home! (bye bye pants)


My online watercolor course offers you the chance to do just that. You can create your own income streams, earn top dollars and really enjoy yourself in the process.

What’s more, it’s so easy to do!!

This is the ultimate aim of my online illustration course. Here’s the best bit - you can do it with no previous artistic experience. I’ll show you all you need to know.

Make Money with your Masterpieces.

No Experience Required!

Anyone Can Master It.

If there is anything peculiar about the art industry, it is the desire of creatives to
stand out.

Let’s make it happen.

Most artists and illustrators find it challenging to create art pieces that catch the eye. They have to rely on different styles, techniques, and methods developed by pioneers in the industry.

Are you ready to start making money from your art?

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By signing up for my full online watercolor illustration course, you’ll get my unique insights, find out how I created my technique, and how to develop it yourself. I’ll also take you through every stage of the process from picking paintbrushes and paints, to getting yourself the client list dreams are made of..

In the first part of the course I’ll take you through all the basics:

    ● The materials you’ll require to work effectively.
    ● I’ll show you how to compose paintings and use color.
    ● Finding inspiration (if I can find it in my laundry basket - you can find it somewhere too)
    ● Choosing subjects.
    ● Honing your own style.

Then once the basics are covered, we’ll really get your creative muscles flexing. These are the topics we’ll cover in the next phase:

    ● You can start painting. Yay!
    ● I’ll show you how to create your own illustrations and enhance them using Photoshop.
    ● Every good painting needs a solid backdrop. I’ll teach you how to create these too.
    ● You’ll get the opportunity to create your own artwork from start to finish.

By now you’ve got to grips with developing your creativity and honing your skills, it’s time to sell yourself. In the final stage of the course, I’ll help you with all of the following:

    ● Creating and developing your own business.
    ● Identifying and working on your career goals.
    ● Making social media platforms work for you.
    ● Sourcing income streams.
    ● Printing your illustrations.
    ● The best ways to work with clients (and also how to deal with the bad ones).

My course is designed to work with you, so that’s why you won’t be bombarded with lots of lessons all at once. We’ll take everything one stage at a time and allow you to develop at your own pace.

There are assignments from time to time, and these are designed to let you (and me) see how you’re doing. They’re stress-free and completely relaxed, so you’ll still have lots of fun whilst learning to develop your skills and talents as a watercolor artist par excellence.

What are you waiting for? Leave the 9-5 grind behind. Be your own boss, create your own rules (and some beautiful art too). Get creative the easy way, and earn yourself some serious money.


If you need some more convincing check out some of my illustrations here:

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! This is me, Giselle. 

A few years ago I decided to quit the 9 to 5 job and go after my dream, which is "making money from my art" while staying at home! I worked very hard into developing something productive and profitable.

I tried out SO MANY different things. Styles, techniques, materials, you name it I’ve tried it.

But most importantly I never gave up!

All this experimenting is what finally led me to the wonderful world of illustration that I completely fell in love with. 

And amid the chaos of the Pandemic, something wonderful happened: to my amazement, my career really took off thanks to this technique and all the different income streams I was able to build!

If your dream is to develop your own business from your artistic style, giving flight to your imagination from the comfort of your own home, selling your drawings out into the world 

I want to tell you that you can and that it’s possible!

Believe me, If I was able to do it, so can you. With this course, I am hoping I can be the one to show you how!

The Course Is Divided Into  3 Chapters 


Start making money from your art!

Fill out your details and we will get back to you with more info about the course